48hrs in Roma

Have you ever just wanted to pack a bag, hop on a plane and run off to a city for a couple of days??

Me too, so thats what we did.

My sister and I had Rome on the top of our lists of places to visit for a long time. She is studying ancient history and so for her is was more of an educational trip however, for me as you all know as being a foodie I was solely going for the pizza, pasta and ice cream, (obviously the most important bit).

So being the classic family that we are, it was a Sunday afternoon the day before we left and I was booking flights and accommodation for 2 nights, in Rome. Lucky for us our friend Izzy was also free to come so she hopped on board.

Day 1

What does anyone really need for a 48 mini break? Not much at all.

We all packed a backpack full of clothes and a wash bag (anyone who knows me pls be impressed with the minimal packing skills) and hopped on a 3pm flight with EasyJet to arrive early evening in the ancient city.

Travel Tip

Remember to pack all travel sized liquids (I forgot) and wear your biggest items of clothing on the plane to keep that hand luggage light.

Our hotel was located on a main street called, Via Del Corso, about a 2 min walk from the Piazza del Puopolo and a 10 min walk from the Spanish Steps, so a perfect location.

All checked in and feeling a little peckish, we had a little wonder through the Italian streets to find a spot for dinner. We found the perfect pizza spot in a local square called Piazza Navona, with the most beautiful water fountains and sculptures. We all devoured our pizzas within about 5 minutes and then watched the tourists admire the architchture That was already one evening gone.

Day 2

This morning was going to be an educational one. We were up nice and early for a guided tour around the Vatican City. I would defiantly recommend paying for a tour, we used a company called 'I A Travel', where we had a lovely local lady, half Italian/Greek called Sara. The tour was roughly 3 hours and took us around the beautiful gardens of the vatican, the St Peters Basillica, Sistine chapel and the Puis – Clementine’s Museum. I learnt so much even for someone who hasn’t a clue about History.  Sara taught me about the current pope of the Vatican City, to the historic art work by Michelangelo.

This left the whole day free to then explore.

From leaving the Sistine chapel we walked our way back, over the river and into the central city, which only took about 20 minutes and the view was beautiful.

That afternoon we were still on a mission to see as much as we could. We made our way to the Tervy Fountain, which I’ve been so excited to see for the entire trip. Now I’m not going to lie, in my eyes the beauty of it was taken away but the smothering amount of tourists packed around the rim of the fountain. Managing to battle our way through the crowds, we took a few snaps of the roman land mark, threw in our lucky coins and made a wish and then got our selves out of there and onto the next spot, which was the Parthenon which was a short walk close by.

I’ve never seen Pillars like it, they were huge , eight strong standing pillars were at the face of the building, and three to each side, which all in all made the building look just striking. We had planned to go inside the building and discover more however, the que was for miles and it was in the midday heat, that meant only one thing LUNCH TIME.

We found a cute spot just around the corner from where we were and spent the hour munching on bruschetta and freshly cut melon. By this time is was around 4 o’clock and we thought a well deserved nap was in order, popping into a few shops on our way home.

That evening we had booked a pasta place called ‘Dilla’s’, you have to go to this place it was honestly insane. Warning there are no pizzas but the pasta was something else. After dins we went for a cheeky GnT on the rooftop of our Hotel, which looked out other the terraces and winding streets. All in all a very successful day.

Day 3

I cannot believe how quickly our time went. We already had to pack and check out of our room before by 9am to make it to the next tour. This morning we were being taken to the Roman Forum, the ancient city of many historical government buildings and then onto the Coliseum.

We thought it would only be fun to cycle around the city on the bikes, to hopefully see anything we may have missed.  I defiantly recommend doing this as compared to say London, everything is relativity close to each other.  Classic Izzy within about 5 minutes had already dropped her phone without realising, lucking for her a girl chased us down the street and gave it back to her. We went over the river to the other side, seeing yet another remarkable view of the Vatican and then to the Piazza del Puopolo which had a big open space an is known as the great entrance into the old town.

Well at this point what else was there to see, we had managed to explore very necessary part of the historic roman city in the space of about 40 hours. We visited the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church, step foot in the the ruins of the most important ancient government buildings and last but not least, tasted every possible Italian cuisine we could find, btw Arancini balls are something else, you MUST try them.

One last pizza stop before the plane journey home at 10pm. I was very impressed with how much we managed to see in 48 hours, it has been of the best weekend trips to date.

Let me know any questions you have about Roma, leave a comment below and or feel free to email me!